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"Nikki is AWESOME and her plans are realistic both diet and exercise. Will you be sore - absolutely yes, but it's a good sore. (full body day is a killer) - And no one ever likes the word

"diet" but she makes it easy - posts a lot of simple recipe ideas and gives you options, you are not eating chicken and broccoli every day! She is also always there to help, I literally texted her a picture of a waffle box on Saturday to see if it was on plan and she replied in minutes. I am making my husband join me in her next 45 day challenge and you should too -- you will not regret it!"

-Sara E. Pittsburgh, PA


"I've known Nikki for about 5 years now. She actually first helped me get back into a consistent workout routine back then. Fast forward to now... I moved out of the state a couple of years ago and always knew Nikki was helping others feel good about themselves (whether it be through workout plans, healthy eating plans, or being motivationally uplifting). At the beginning of this year, I decided to join in on one of her challenges. Let me tell you, having Nikki as your coach is 100% worth it. She is there to guide you with a more beginner or advanced plan, a complete meal guide, grocery list, and best of all she is there to motivate you, talk real with you, and regularly check in on you. She truly cares about each person she takes on. Plus I admire her work/life balance herself. It's been 3 months since the challenge ended and I am still following her plans. The meal guide really helped change me both physically and mentally! Plus I was always SO FULL! Whoever says that when they are on a 'diet'?! Its all about eating the right foods in the right portions. I've definitely been incorporating a lot more HIIT exercises as well since I started the challenge. I feel so much leaner and stronger. If you're on the fence about getting a trainer or trying out a challenge, choose Nikki. Seriously! You wont regret it. Give yourself a gift by choosing to be healthier and stronger."

- Jacqueline P.  Chicago,IL


"Nikki has helped me so much!!! Seeing even just a small amount of my transition I’m so impressed! She makes it easy for full time workers that are constantly on the go to fit in workouts and make healthier choices. Her plans make it easy to stick to if you want to see results! The best part however is her support! She knows that life happens and is supportive and encouraging through it all. Never makes you feel bad about yourself and makes you realize your worth and potential! Highly recommend!!! You won’t be sorry!"

Meghan S. Pittsburgh, PA


"I would recommend Nikki to anyone that is trying to change their fitness and diet! She answers all and any questions you have, she is extremely knowledgeable and is always encouraging!"

Sarah G. Philadelphia, PA

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