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Buy Montana Sapphire

Sapphires have been known to occur in Montana for over 150 years and have been actively mined there for more than 100 years. However, even with all of that history they still do not have the recognition I feel they deserve. Part of this is no doubt due to the fact that the most desirable blue sapphires are not common in the Montana deposits. Most of the sapphires from Montana are a pale green to blue-green when they are mined, with very limited numbers of deep blues and other fancy colors such as yellow, orange, violet and pink. While some of the Montana sapphires can be heated to produce more desirable shades of blue, many cannot due to the chemistry of the sapphires. However, the growing popularity of colored gemstones in general and American gemstones in particular have helped raise the profile of these gorgeous gems in recent years. This has been helped by a growing appreciation for natural unheated gems and the wide variety of colors they come in before being altered by humans.

buy montana sapphire

The Missouri River runs just to the northeast of Helena, Montana and is the location of several significant deposits of sapphires. Like the Rock Creek deposit, sapphires were found here during the search for gold. Ancient alluvial bars were mined with dredges around the turn of the century, primarily for gold although some sapphires were captured and retained. The two primary locality are the El Dorado Bar and the Spokane Bar. These sapphires tend to be larger than those found at Rock Creek or Yogo Gulch, and typically have very high clarity. The colors tend to be somewhat pale or pastel in nature and the blue sapphires that are found tend to have a greenish hue to them. That said, this color has now become associated with Montana sapphire and many (myself included) find the range of pastel hues to be beautiful and therefore highly desirable. Today these deposits are worked by a number of small-scale hobbyist and artisanal miners.

Montana sapphires have remarkable color and brilliance. The unique color of blue Montana sapphires reminds you of a favorite pair of jeans -or your favorite pair of blue eyes! Usually lacking in purple tones, they exhibit a gray tint and are notorious color shifters, colors varying with the light source they are under. They come in other colors, like teal, green, blue-green, orange, peach, yellow, apricot, peacock, pink, purple, grey, bi-color, parti-color, color change, and even colorless. There are some colors from Montana that are found nowhere else in the world. Sizes over 6mm are extremely rare! Like all sapphires, Montana sapphires are tough and relatively scratch-resistant and make great jewelry stones. If you are looking for a unique gem for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry, please browse our large selection of Montana sapphires below!

Mines in Montana produce many colors of natural sapphire which is seeing an ever greater popularity for jewelry use. They are especially sought after as an alternative to diamond in engagement rings", "url" : " -sapphire-the-american-mined-gemstone.html", "publisher" : "@type" : "Organization", "name" : "John Dyer Gems" } Menu Gem Catalog $( "#dropdown-gemcatalog" ).load( "resp-dropdown-gemcatalog.html #displayGemcatalog" ); Go to catalog navigation links Gem Info $( "#dropdown-geminfo" ).load( "resp-dropdown-geminfo.html #displayInfo" ); Go to info navigation links Gems to Jewelry $( "#dropdown-gems2jewelry" ).load( "resp-dropdown-gems2jewelry.html #displayAwards" ); Go to gems to jewelry navigation links About John & Contact $( "#dropdown-aboutjohn" ).load( "resp-dropdown-aboutjohn.html #displayAbout" ); Go to about us navigation links Keep Shopping Show Shopping Cart

Two natural color Montana sapphires cut by John Dyer & Co. Fine quality creative gem cutting unlocks the potential for beauty that is hidden in the rough sapphires when they are mined. After cutting they are ready for the next step in their journey, being set in a unique piece of sapphire jewelry!

Buy online Montana sapphires with our unique style and cutting. Mined from the region of Montana - USA Read more.Click the photo of a gemstone you are interested in to view more information about that stone.

Sapphires have been mined for more than 100 years in Montana. As the only state in the U.S. with significant production of gem-quality sapphires, these stunning stones have become a highly sought-after commodity.

Montana sapphires can be found in three main locations: Rock Creek near Philipsburg, the Missouri River near Helena, and Yogo Gulch. Rock Creek sapphires, Missouri River sapphires and Yogo sapphires all are valuable types acquired through sapphire mining operations. Sapphires mined today were formed around 150 to 200 million years ago. They are created underground from shifts in pressure and heat.

Sapphires are made of corundum, also known as aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Corundum is considered one of the hardest known natural substances aside from diamonds. Due to their high resistance to weathering and extremely hard construction, sapphires can be found in both sedimentary rocks and sedimentary deposits. Montana sapphires are commonly used in jewelry and other ornaments due to their attractive hues and transparency.

Today, Montana sapphires can be found in a variety of jewelry, from custom engagement rings to stylish necklaces and bracelets. These beautiful sapphires are suitable for both casual, everyday wear, as well as for formal events that call for elegant pieces.

Montana sapphires are generally lighter in color than their classic counterparts. They also have high clarity with many being deemed as "eye clean", meaning they have no inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Montana sapphires are also not heated like other sapphires. While regular sapphires often have a heat treatment to correct inclusions, Montana sapphires are not heated.

One of the most common questions regarding Montana sapphires relates to color variation. While many gemstones are limited to just a few select hues, Montana sapphires can be found in all colors of the rainbow. Some of the most popular stones seen in recent jewelry collections include the teal Montana sapphire, blue green Montana sapphire, green Montana sapphire, and yellow Montana sapphire.

While you may have a Montana blue sapphire, it may not have started off that way. Some Montana sapphires derived from the Missouri River deposit undergo color changes. A color change is typically the result of the trace element vanadium. These stones may appear to be a blue color in the daylight but violet or purple color when seen in incandescent light. Some paler stones may shift from a sky blue hue to light lavender.

At Chinchar Maloney, all our diamonds and gemstones are natural, untreated, and derived directly from the earth in an array of stunning colors and characteristics. Schedule a visit to our showroom in Portland, Oregon to see some of our heirloom-quality, handcrafted fine jewelry for yourself and choose from a wide selection of Montana sapphires for your own custom-built jewelry. Create a classic piece that will last the test of time and provide countless years of enjoyment.

Rough Montana sapphires are the perfect option for buyers that value the rough and rustic look of gemstone jewelry. A rough sapphire has typically not been polished or treated, meaning it remains in its original state. The raw beauty and contour of these stones make each gemstone truly one-of-a-kind.

Mining regulations and guidelines in the United States are strict. Montana sapphires are more ethical than many other gemstones due to less harsh mining procedures. These stones are typically collected from the river, rather than dug from the Earth. They are naturally weathered and have little environmental impact.

While all sapphires are scratch-resistant and highly durable, Montana sapphires are superior in their formation. Their high level of resistance and hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale makes them suitable for everyday wear. In fact, their strength and durability are only second to natural diamonds, meaning you can count on these gemstones to last a lifetime.

While there are many ways to wear Montana sapphire jewelry, a Montana sapphire ring is one of the most popular. Fancy-colored gems look incredible when set in gold. You may prefer the elegant look of a center stone, or perhaps the luxurious appearance of several Montana sapphires aligned on any gold (yellow, white or rose) band.

A Montana sapphire ring can be worn as an everyday ring with your casual attire or business wear. It can also be worn with sophisticated dresses or gowns to bring any formal ensemble to completion. While diamonds are timeless, many brides adore wearing their Montana sapphire engagement rings while walking down the aisle.

Montana sapphire earrings add a touch of class to any outfit. These lovely gemstones can be found adorned with a variety of earring types, such as stud earrings, dangle earrings, drop earrings, hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, and cluster earrings. Some earring types have just a single gemstone for a hint of color, while others have multiple stones set in gold or silver.

No look is complete without a statement necklace and a Montana sapphire necklace is certainly the statement you want to make this year. Choose a Montana sapphire in your favorite color and have it made into a remarkable pendant that you can wear around your neck for a polished appearance.

Although Montana sapphire necklaces look incredible when paired with formal attire, such as a structured sheath or peplum dress, they can look just as good with your everyday clothes. A sparkling gemstone is a perfect way to dress up any outfit, while also boosting your confidence.

Just as their name implies, Montana sapphires are sapphires from the state of Montana. They are primarily mined from the western half of the state near the Missouri River, Dry Cottonwood Creek, Rock Creek, and the Yogo Gulch.They were first discovered by gold rush prospectors in 1865 and initially discarded in their search for the precious metal. They later realized that these rough stones were the first gem-quality sapphires to be discovered in the United States! Sapphires are still being mined in Montana today, 150 years after their discovery, with high environmental and ethical standards. 041b061a72


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