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Buy Mini Display Tent BETTER

If you're like us, you've always dreamed of owning one of the tiny display tents you see in outdoor stores. Well, it's time to make that dream a reality. This 12" tent has all the features of a regular-sized one.

buy mini display tent

Cats love hiding places. They like the feeling of being secure from a shelter or small enclosure. Your cat will love a mini display tent just as much as the next. So what are you waiting for? Buy your cat a miniature display tent today! Shop online to buy a mini display tent for your cat.

Dogs are loveable and personable. They retreat to a comfortable place and enjoy sleeping in smaller spaces. Your dog will love a mini display tent just as much as the next. So what are you waiting for? Buy your dog a miniature display tent today! Contact us to buy a mini display tent for your dog.

Did you build forts as a child? Weekends spent in the basement or living room where the family room couch was dismantled and reassembled into a master fort with blankets, pillows, the works. Did you play with GI Joe or Barbie Dolls? The miniature tents we have would make a great addition to a GI Joe or Barbie toy set.

Mini Display Tents, Inc., founded in 1981, has been providing quality miniature sized tents to the retail industry since they were invented in 1969 in a small sporting good store outside of Denver, Colorado.

Cat Camp is the world's first specialized tent maker for cats! We've hand-crafted and designed our awesome tents to be as cute, comfortable and functional as possible. We spent over 12 months perfecting Cat Camp. We now have designed the ultimate tent for your cat - just like the real thing (only tiny and designed for your living room).

We designed Cat Camp with a focus on making your cats new hideout look just like a real tent. Modeled on the mini display tents found at outdoors shops. We use extra durable materials to withstand your cat's scratches, tugs and meows.

Cat Camp is a real tent - only much smaller. It looks the same, feels the same, has all the same features, and pitches just like a normal tent.Just watch them set it up. Your cat won't know the difference (apart from the super cosy removable insert)!

You know those little model tents at retail stores like Gander Mountain and Dick's Sporting Goods that allow you to see what the tent will look like when it's fully setup at a fraction of the actual size? Well, I'm thinking the maker of these cat tents just stole a shipment of those and started calling them cat tents.None-the-less, the Cat Camp is a miniature tent that is made for your cat to sleep in, play in, lick itself in, or really just do whatever cats do while they're by themselves in their confined quarters.Your cat never gets to go camping with you, so why not allow them to do some camping while they're at home to make it seem like they're participating...?The mini cat tent has a side-zipped front entrance for if you're looking to lock your cat in for whatever reason, or lock your cat out. Plus the tent has a secret hidden trap door on the back of the tent for crafty and smart cats who would like to sneak their way out.Each cat tent also comes with a durable heavy-duty weather cover so if you did actually want to bring your cat camping, and you decided that you don't want your cat sleeping in your tent with you, you could technically banish them outside to their own mini cat tent and they would probably survive.The cat tent is made from durable and high-quality custom material that's consistent with pretty much any modern tent materials, and has a microfiber fleece layer on the inside of the tent for comfy goodness that will make your cat never want to leave, which can be easily removed for cleaning.The mini cat tent measures 14 inches tall x 21.5 inches wide x 21.5 inches long, and could probably accommodate a small dog as well, if that's your animal of choice.The front of the cat tent has a zipper opening, while the rear has a sneaky catch at the rear that they can swat open for a quick escape!"The inside of the tent is layered with a fluffy microfiber pad that keeps your cat comfy, and can be easily removed for cleaning."The mini cat tent sets up just like a normal pole tent, except it's just a fraction of the size!The Cat Camp mini tent comes in a few different colors to choose from, including, blue, red, orange, camouflage, and black!Not only great for cats, the mini camping tent is also great for rabbits, and other small animals!The tiny cat tent also features a non-absorbent lining, so no moisture can get in or out!The mini camping tent for cats is the perfect spot for your kitty to hide from the dogs of the house!The mini cat tent also rolls up and stores into a small carrying bag just like a real tent!Check out the mini cat tent in action via the video below!

Today is a bigger day, if only because of the size of the companies involved. Dell, HP, and Lenovo are the three biggest sellers of PCs, both worldwide and in the US, at least according to most estimates. Today all three are taking the wraps off the majority of their product lines. Many of the trends remain the same, however: you'll see low-cost Windows PCs priced to compete with Chromebooks, some mini desktops to address an actively growing segment of the PC market, and a few more Broadwell systems with Intel's Core M chips inside.

Dell began its presentation with two PCs that were released earlier this summer and are already available for purchase, but we thought they were worth drawing some attention to anyway. The lower-end Optiplex 3020 Micro and the higher-end 9020 Micro are two very similar mini desktops that may appeal to those who want something a little more powerful (and a little more business-friendly) than Intel's NUC. The two share what is essentially the same chassis, which means they share the same size (7.17 by 1.4 by 6.93 inches), weight (2.82 pounds), and port selection (six USB 3.0 ports, one LAN jack, a VGA port, a DisplayPort, and microphone and headphone jacks). Both even support the same CPUs (35W Haswell desktop chips from the Celeron up to the Core i7), GPUs (Intel integrated), and RAM slots (two SO-DIMMs, like you'd find in a laptop).

If you're more interested in convertibles (or in systems you haven't seen before), Dell's first Core M device looks promising. The Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 has a mouthful of a name, but it pairs a thin, fanless 13-inch tablet with a backlit keyboard base that has the nice travel and full-size keys you'd expect from a standard Latitude notebook. Since this is just the kind of system Intel wants OEMs to try to put together using Core M, we expect it will draw some consumer attention, too.

The laptop uses a 1080p IPS touchscreen, Core M processors of indeterminate clock speed, and an Intel HD 5300 integrated GPU, "up to" 8GB of RAM, and "up to" 512GB SSDs. The tablet and keyboard dock combined weigh 3.67 pounds, heavier than many non-convertible 13-inch Ultrabooks but not too heavy to sling into a bag. The keyboard dock includes two USB 3.0 ports and one mini DisplayPort, and the tablet itself includes a headphone jack and SD card reader. 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 come standard, while LTE, NFC, a SmartCard reader, and vPro support are all available as optional add-ons.

Both devices are fanless and include 1080p IPS displays flanked by front-facing speakers, which (as in devices like the HTC One M8) may improve sound but also increase the size of the bezels. The 13.3-inch model weighs 2.8 pounds, is 0.55 inches thick, includes 8GB of RAM and standard SSDs, and launches October 29 for $1,049.99. The 15.6-inch model weighs 4.0 pounds, is 0.59 inches thick, includes 8GB of RAM and standard hybrid hard drives and launches on November 5 for $949.99.

The keyboard attachment doesn't have the fuzzy fabric texture of the Envy x2, but the foldable fabric-covered stand does, and it comes in a few different colors. The tablet does keep its front-facing speakers, though, and also manages to fit in a full-size USB port, a mini HDMI port, and a micro SD slot. The tablet includes 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and launches on October 29 for $329.99.

This second-generation model is on the other end of the spectrum as one of the first Broadwell-based systems, and it should benefit from the decreased power usage and increased battery life. The tablet has an 11.6-inch 1080p display, weighs 1.8 pounds, and is 0.38 inches thick. The convertible's hinge should allow it to be about as flexible as Lenovo's Yoga line (see it in "Tent Mode" above), but it adds an active digitizer and pen input to the package for people who like to write on their screens. Broadwell means the tablet can get away with being fanless, removing the awkward fan flap that some reviewers complained about in the original.

"Screen quality -- including resolution, brightness and contrast -- are increasingly important to customers creating and viewing rich media content on their personal systems, and PCs are no exception," said Mike Nash, vice president, customer experience and portfolio strategy, personal systems, HP Inc. "To deliver experiences that amaze, HP is bringing OLED and 4K displays as an option on the new HP Spectre x360 13.3" and 15.6" convertible PCs, respectively."

The HP Spectre x360 convertible PC has sleek and stylish lines with an all CNC aluminum chassis and display cover that is ultra-thin and built for performance. Starting at four pounds4 and 15.9 millimeters thin, the new HP Spectre x360 to be the thinnest and lightest 15.6" diagonal convertible PC yet1. The machined aluminum chassis designed to accommodate a 64.5 Whr battery, the largest battery HP has included in any of its convertible PCs. The result is up to 13 hours of battery life5 on the Full HD version and up to 9.5 hours5 on the Ultra HD models.

Customers can expect fluid and seamless transitions between notebook mode for work, stand mode for viewing entertainment, tent mode for a great presentation tool or tablet mode for browsing the news. To ensure the display glides smoothly and stays in place where a user wants it, the new HP Spectre x360 has the same innovative hinges as the HP Spectre x360 13.3" diagonal convertible PC for synchronized, precise movement and stability in each mode. The full size 1.5 millimeter travel backlit keyboard with an extra wide touchpad offers an uncompromised typing experience for great usability in notebook mode. 041b061a72


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