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Buy Footwear Online

Casual Comfort Orthotics are engineered to provide optimal support and cushioning while fitting comfortably in most footwear styles. These innovative orthotics boast a soft memory foam layer and anti- microbial CopperGuard technology to help keep your feet comfortable, healthy & clean.

buy footwear online

If you are someone who likes brand centric online shopping, you are simply at the right place. We know that footwear can broadly be classified into several categories like flats, sneakers, heels and many others. We absolutely understand that you need a perfect blend of all these types of footwear to complement your looks based on your attire for different occasions or events. Thus, we have a curated collection of the same from renowned brands like Metro, Mochi, Catwalk, Reebok, Crocs and so on.

COVID-19 has caused consumers to change their behavior and consumption patterns starkly over the last year. The footwear industry has been adversely impacted, halting a healthy growth trend that lasted more than a decade.

The outsized impact of reduced brick-and-mortar sales was a major factor in these declines, as footwear relies heavily on the touch-and-feel factor. At the same time, consumers who were spending on footwear transferred a majority of their purchases online. Online shoe sales grew 10% in 2020, with online penetration of sales of fashion shoes rising by 12%. Retailers with established omnichannel infrastructure hurriedly moved operations and inventory online at the outset of the pandemic, committing to new costs that in many cases also included expensive partnerships with delivery and returns providers. This posed additional challenges for retailers, the most impactful of these being the smaller margins that usually accompany ecommerce sales (Figure 1).

While most nonessential retailers saw a similar drop-off in margins last year, the footwear industry has shown to be more susceptible to the EBIT changes brought on by ecommerce growth. Size and fit inconsistencies mean that footwear traditionally sees higher return rates than apparel and other categories. Return rates can be as high as 35% in footwear, three times more than in general ecommerce. This exacerbates the already higher shipping costs of shoes and the resulting differential in rates between cartons and apparel mailing envelopes.

While demand is likely to bounce back as the world starts to look beyond the pandemic, customer behavior has been changed for good and they are now much more comfortable buying all kinds of product categories online. Footwear is now a true omnichannel business. This challenge presents the perfect opportunity for footwear retailers to make holistic changes in the way they think about omnichannel distribution models, inventory management, and end-to-end product development.

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We as Indians value our purchases a lot. Especially purchase of footwear is a very thoughtful process. Hence we are striving to bring you products with excellent Style and quality, that makes you feel happy about your purchase.Oh yes and our footwear have soft soles with memory foam cushioning, to give your feet the bliss of comfort.Happy feet to you!

available at best possible prices. The website specifically sells footwear for women. Hence, with our experience and expertise, we help you to get the best of designs that matches the current trend. Footwear for women, has specific importance when it comes to occasion and we have taken care of that. Also we have footwear across age groups. Pepitoes craftsman are well-versed in crafting footwear for women and the processes are smooth and nimble. So if you are looking for footwear for women at online platform, go ahead with pepitoes for fulfilled purchase.

Sports Shoes : Shoes has its own fan base. These comfortable footwear for ladies not just gives you physical comfort but makes you comfortable to have a bold and classy look easily. At Pepitoes you get trendy, stylish and comfortable Summer shoes that gives you a look that has no match. 041b061a72


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