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Introducing the Ultimate Healer Builds for New World Coins Season 4

New World Season 4 brings a wealth of thrilling challenges and exciting adventures for players to embark on. Among the various roles available, healers play a crucial role in ensuring the survival and success of their allies in the face of adversity.

Sage Builds: The Sage build is specifically designed for PvE (Player versus Environment) encounters, excelling in providing sustained healing and support. The primary attribute for a Sage healer is Focus, as it directly influences the potency of their healing abilities. It is highly recommended to allocate attribute points accordingly.

The cornerstone of a Sage build is the Lifestaff, which offers a wide range of healing abilities that can be further enhanced through skill tree customization. Key abilities to focus on include Orb of Protection, Sacred Ground, and Beacon. These abilities provide area-of-effect healing, damage mitigation, and increased healing output respectively.

To maximize healing effectiveness, investing in the Light Armor Mastery skill tree is crucial. This enables healers to benefit from increased healing output and reduced ability cooldowns. Additionally, the Light's Embrace ability is a valuable tool for burst healing, providing a much-needed emergency heal when the situation demands it.

Priest Builds: The Priest build, on the other hand, is tailored for PvP (Player versus Player) encounters, where burst healing and crowd control are essential. Similar to the Sage build, Focus is the primary attribute for a Priest healer. Allocating attribute points accordingly is crucial to maximize their healing potential.

The Lifestaff remains the weapon of choice for Priests, providing a versatile toolkit for healing and support. Abilities such as Splash of Light, Sacred Ground, and Divine Embrace are invaluable for healing allies and providing survivability. Furthermore, abilities like Smite and Orb of Protection can be adapted to provide crowd control effects, further enhancing the Priest's utility in PvP situations.

To bolster survivability, it is recommended for Priests to invest in the Heavy Armor Mastery skill tree. This grants increased damage mitigation and resilience, allowing healers to withstand the onslaught of enemy attacks. The Resilient ability, in particular, can significantly reduce the duration of crowd control effects, enabling Priests to continue healing their allies even under heavy pressure.

Where to Obtain Healing Gear: Acquiring suitable healing gear is crucial for both Sage and Priest builds. There are several avenues to explore in order to obtain powerful healing equipment:

Lifestaff Crafting: Crafting your own Lifestaff allows for customization and optimization based on your preferred playstyle. Experimenting with different materials and perks can yield exceptional results.

Corrupted Ancestor Lifestaff: This powerful artifact weapon can be obtained by completing challenging PvE content or through the Trading Post. It offers unique bonuses and increased healing capabilities, making it a highly sought-after choice for healers.

Artifact Gear: Certain armor pieces and accessories with healing-focused perks can be acquired through expeditions, providing valuable bonuses to your healing potential.

Lifetaker and Vengeance: These legendary weapons possess powerful healing attributes and can be obtained through a combination of crafting, trading, and engaging with end-game content.

Crafting and Dungeons: Engaging in crafting professions such as Arcana and Jewelcrafting can yield valuable healing gear recipes. Additionally, tackling dungeons and expeditions can reward healers with rare and powerful equipment.

Healer Gems: Gems play a crucial role in augmenting a healer's abilities and effectiveness. For Priest builds in PvP scenarios, the PvP Gem is recommended. This gem enhances crowd control resistance, allowing healers to break free from debilitating effects and continue their crucial role in the heat of battle.

For Sage builds focused on PvE encounters, the PvE Gem is the gem of choice. This gem provides an increase in healing output and overall effectiveness, enabling healers to keep their allies healthy and capable during intense PvE content.

As New World Season 4 unfolds, healers will continue to serve as the backbone of successful adventuring parties. Whether you choose to follow the path of the Sage or the Priest, understanding the intricacies of these healer builds and acquiring the appropriate gear and gems will pave the way for your triumphs. Remember, the power to restore and protect lies in your hands. Embrace it and buy New World Gold let your healing prowess shine in the world of Aeternum.


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