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Matt Bejang
Matt Bejang

2560x1440 Black Solid Color Background">

If you are using the Color tab method to get rid of your background, it is possible to key out colors other than black. These tips will help you to get a more precise color selection of a background of any color.

2560x1440 Black Solid Color Background">

Because I need to relax my eyes and have just a black screen even when I play music on my pc or want to switch quickly between all black and something else. The most valuable is the quality of it, of the color and the rest and, of course, for it to be easy to switch in and out of fullscreen mode.

Sets the path to the PNG file to be used as the logo splashscreen at X startup. If the PNG file specified has a bKGD(background color) chunk, then the screen is cleared to the colorit specifies. Otherwise, the screen is cleared to black. The logofile must be owned by root and must not be writable by a non-rootgroup. Note that a logo is only displayed for screens with depth24. Default: The built-in NVIDIA logo is used.

This option controls whether the NVIDIA X Driver initializesnewly created redirected windows using the contents of their parentwindow if the X server doesn't do it. Leaving redirected windowsuninitialized may cause new windows to flash with black or randomcolors when some compositing managers are running. 041b061a72


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