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5 AMAZING REASONS COUPLES SHOULD BUY AN ENGAGEMENT RINGWhy an engagement ring can be the ideal purchase for you

Romantic reasons why you should buy Matching Couples Necklaces

The reasons to buy an engagement ring

Your promise ring can represent many things to you and your partner. It can be a symbol of the eternal love you will have for your partner, or the friendship and trust between you, or the promise of a future marriage. Whatever the reason for your rings, at Kobelli we're here for you. We will help you find the right ring for your relationship.


If you're in love you want the world to know how happy you are with your partner. One way to show your love and commitment to your spouse without committing to a wedding is to present them with an engagement ring. A trust ring is a great option to show your love and commitment to your spouse without having to commit to an engagement.


If you and your spouse aren't ready to tie the knot just yet an engagement ring is a great way to show your commitment to one another without taking the next big step. Promise rings can symbolize your faith and commitment to your partner, even if he or she isn't financially able to afford an event or is not yet ready for marriage. A promise ring can be a symbol for your future together, even if you are not yet ready to marry.

to keep a promise

Like the name implies, promise rings are gifts given to honor a vow between the giver of the ring and the person receiving it. The promise ring you receive does not have to be an engagement ring. It could serve other purposes. A promise ring may be a token of love, a commitment between best friends or a pre-engagement ring a non-marital commitment, etc. Although the reasons could be different they are all linked because they all require a commitment between the person who is wearing the ring and the ring giver.

In an intimate relationship, you pledge to your partner that you love them and will never betray their trust. If you present rings of promise to your significant other, it symbolizes your commitment and promise to your partner.


It's a major decision to be in a relationship and want to spend your entire life with someone. Some want to take some time before making a big commitment and investing prior to getting down on one knee and proposing. If you are emotionally ready for your relationship to develop, but not financially, an engagement ring may be the best option for you and your partner.

A promise ring can be used as a pre-engagement band because it can symbolize the promise that you make for the future. By giving a promise ring as a present to your partner you can demonstrate how serious you are. They show how serious you take your relationship and allow you both to prepare for wedding. If you do get married, you are able to keep your engagement ring and turn it into a necklace a keepsake.


It's not always for everyone. Some can't afford an extravagant wedding, so they save before tying the knot while some don't believe in marriage. If you and your spouse do not believe in marriage, choosing an engagement ring can be a great alternative to an engagement ring to show your commitment to each other.

Marriage is not for everyone. It could be that you think it's outdated or does not conform to your personal beliefs. An engagement ring can be an ideal way to show your commitment to your partner. It also saves you the expense and time of getting married.


Offering a beautiful, personalised promise ring that expresses your feelings and beliefs about your relationship is a fantastic way to renew commitment in the relationship. The same way that couples who decide to renew their relationship by meeting again after years of dating do so with a promise band. Your promise ring is a token of your affection for your partner and a commitment to remain faithful to them.


You might have to relocate to school, work or any other reason to another city, state or country. However, if you are in a relationship, that means you must make the difficult decision to go on your own if you feel that your partner is not able to leave the relationship for a while. By giving an oath to your partner, both you and your partner both commit to be faithful and committed while you are separated.


Wearing a ring of promise can be a way to show your partner and your relationship that you will be together regardless of what happens. You and your spouse can swear to respect one another no matter what. A promise ring may also serve as a placeholder until you and your partner decide to get married.

You've come to a good spot if looking for an engagement ring to fit your love story. Explore our collection of promise rings and discover the perfect match!


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