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Hindi Karaoke Songs S Free ((HOT))

Everybody has some hidden talent and one of them is singing. If you are a fond of Bollywood Hindi songs and want to improve your singing then you might be looking for some karaoke app for Hindi songs. We have tested near about 50 Hindi Karaoke apps and out which we have selected some of the best Hindi karaoke apps for Bollywood songs or tracks.

Hindi Karaoke Songs s Free

The StarMaker is the best free Karaoke app for Hindi sings, however, the English songs are available too. The best thing is its simple interface and community which is around 50+ million and availability of top old and new Hindi songs.

As I said, this Karaoke app features both Hindi new and old tracks of Bollywood, even you can find the unplugged versions of some Hindi songs. Beside Hindi Karaoke songs, you can also find Punjabi, Telugu and other languages too. The Starmaker Karaoke app allows both premium and free sections in the account. If you are regular Hindi Karaoke songs fan you can go for the VIP account which charges around Rs 300 per month and gives you additional benefits as compared to the free one such as Unlimited access to VIP songs, VIP will get twice the amount of gifts daily, Pay 70% OFF for on-screen messages in Live, Ad-free, Exclusive VIP badge, Red stage Name, and the following upper limit is upgraded from 1000 to 5000 . The app is available for Android and iPhone smartphone users.

Bring your friends to sing the duet or just do it alone in SOLO. You can also use audio effects and video filters while singing your favorite karaoke songs. The Video filters can apply while singing to look more professional. The filters are Selfie, Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, and Fight Club. Love, comment and share other videos and Karaoke. Share the Karaoke with 50M+ musically minded people and supportive community.

It is the another best top Karaoke app on our list to sing Bollywood Hindi tracks. The interface elements of this Hindi Karaoke app is similar to the Starmaker and the best thing is that it is a free karaoke singing app. SingPlus lets you sing and record your own cover of latest and old Hindi songs tracks either SOLO or in Collab with friends. The Karaoke app offers 8 special sound effect that can edit the Karaoke song after recording such as Pop, R&B, Electronic, Jazz BRight, Phonograph, Hip Pop and Rock.

The Sing Karaoke Record Karaoke can easily work on Wifi or 3G and also provides sound effects like karaoke room. Furthermore, it features a recording of Karaoke online and offline, Records your voice and background songs, Turns on the microphone and you can hear your voice, Save option, recover and backup favorite songs and real-time audio effects: echo, reverb, bass, mid, treble.

StarMaker is a karaoke app with an extensive catalog of songs to choose from. This karaoke app contains collar mode for singing with friends and your favorite artists. Record top quality cover videos and edit with multiple voice effects.

Smule is a free karaoke app where you can join the global karaoke party to sing your favorite songs from a huge catalog of top hits, or perfect a song and then share it with the world. The karaoke app is available on iOS and Android.

The word, karaoke, is derived from two Japanese words - 'kara' comes from the word 'karappo' meaning empty or void and 'oke' comes from the word 'okesutura' or orchestra. Typically, karaoke songs are music productions without the voice of the singer. Presumably, it originated at a Japanese snack bar where a scheduled singing performance could not go ahead as planned. And, so the bar owner started playing recorded music while leaving the stage open for customers to come up and have a go with the microphone. Another origin story attributes the trend of karaoke singing to a Japanese singer, Daisuke, in the 1970s. He recorded songs and sold them to people to sing along as well.

The Internet is an excellent source of free Karaoke tracks for true music lovers. The digitization of technology is enabling the quality of these tracks to get better and better, with some even attaining professional standards. The Internet offers a variety of karaoke songs and videos, including English, Bengali, Hindi, as well as Tamil karaoke songs with lyrics for free download. Videos with Karaoke prompts, available aplenty on YouTube, have the song lyrics appearing on the screen. Such tracks are very good for practicing one's singing.

In the context of Hindi Karaoke songs available for free download, particularly songs of the 1950-70s, tracks might be few and far between. However, for later years, the quality of the karaoke tracks keeps improving. For those who take singing seriously and want to use karaoke to practice their singing, keep trying different versions of a song until you find the best one. And, the best is out there!

Turn your smartphone or computer into an improvised karaoke machine. We list here some of the best online apps and websites to find and download your favorite songs for karaoke singing and music practice.

The app lets you add effects such as Magic, Studio, Polish, Popstar, Super Pop, Super studio, Indie, Double you, Star, Dust, and Grunge, once you have recorded your song. Sing solo or in a duet. Use the audio effects and video filters to make your favorite karaoke songs appear more professional. The Video filters include Selfie, Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, and Fight Club. Smule is an online community of karaoke lovers who can like, comment, and share videos and karaoke with a 50M+ like-minded and supportive community. is one of India's first computer karaoke systems. It is convenient to use and offers a rapidly growing library of Hindi Karaoke tracks collected across six decades of Hindi film music. The web-based app offers its users a fun experience of singing with a full score of music. Synchronized lyrics help users sing along with digitally-recorded karaoke music tracks. Users can even record their own performance using the Taranaa Karaoke Player for free! The software can be installed in less than 5 minutes and is available for download on both Windows and Mac operating systems (with pitch controls on both). The audio blog, Taranaa Tarang, lets users post their song recordings and reach out to a worldwide audience. owns the world's largest library of Indian Karaoke music, with a whopping collection of 14,239 songs. Their specialist team of musicians recreates soulful karaoke melodies which users can perform using the high-quality microphones, also provided by

KaraFun has an online library of more than 40,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. The different karaoke apps offered by Karafun turn your device into the perfect karaoke machine! The features on the app are customizable in terms of the key and tempo of any song in the app's catalog. Lead and background vocals can also be added. Users can also sync their favorite songs offline! The singer's name can be added to the queue and tracked easily.

As we all know, the monsoon is coming closer. Tea, coffee, and cozy moods. Some good karaoke songs sound like a good cherry on top of this entire season! Our music industry has constantly reminded us how beautiful rains are, with the best songs for monsoon. The majority of these songs were soothing, reflecting the sounds of rain. We had all the beautiful and harmonious voices back in the day. The voices of Lata Ji, Kishore Da, Manna dey, and many more. The lyrics of these songs are not very subtle, easy to understand, and yet carry a beautiful nature to them. These songs also take a romantic turn, as monsoon is a season where you feel an overdrive in your emotions, and also, you feel relaxed, which the songs help you with.

No matter what the weather is, these songs always help you relax; you can close your eyes and imagine the magnificent weather outside of your windows, accompanied by the fragrance of wet earth and your favorite snacks. The best feeling there can be. Another way of relaxing is to not just to listen to these melodious tunes by our legends, but to sing them, as well. For which, you will need a karaoke track and a list of songs you might want to sing. We have made that part trouble-free for you so that you can relax.

Indian cinema has never celebrated everything with songs, be it festivals or seasons; we have a song for everything. There are hundreds of songs on monsoon alone. After all, it is one of the most pleasing times of the year, and it deserves some enjoyment. Anyone can do singing at any time; all you need to brighten up your singing is a karaoke song of the best quality. So visit our website Hindi Karaoke Shop today to lookup for your favorite karaoke songs and keep singing.

When it comes to karaoke app, especially for Hindu songs, Starmaker is obviously the best free Karaoke app where you can find any classic or latest Hindi songs. In addition to that, it also offers the most trending and popular songs in other languages like English, Punjabi, Telugu and others.

This is another good karaoke app that you can download for free. Besides Hindi songs, The Voice Karaoke also offers a huge catalog of US-UK music. There are a lot of functions you might find interesting in this app including vocal suppression, vocal effects, lyrics sync, and so on.

Singing in karaoke is hobby of many. People who enjoy this activity are always browsing online for the latest songs that they can sing in their next karaoke session. Karaoke songs free download can be an issue for many, but fear not, as we will guide you step-by-step how you can easily download karaoke songs. 041b061a72


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