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Are you struggling with your nutrition right now?


I have been a Coach for 8 years now, & in the fitness game for over a decade, and from personal experience, I can't tell you enough how important your nutrition is.

A majority of my clients goal is to 'tone/tighten up & lose fat'... but one thing that also always remain consistent is clients not taking their nutrition serious enough.

Have you ever heard the saying... "You can't outwork a bad diet" ? Well it's true.

Perhaps you’ve thought "if I only had more willpower..." or "if I just had the motivation…", then maybe I'd see results?

But, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself constantly giving in to your cravings, ordering the dang pasta meal, and just telling yourself you'll start again on Monday?

If this is resonating, I urge you to keep reading - because I’m going to share with you why your lack of consistency is actually not your fault at all.

(In fact, it’s actually a symptom of a bigger metabolic problem.)

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have come to me with the exact same issue, & the thing is, I did it too!

They just can’t seem to stay consistent and they have NO idea why!

Take Alisha... She came to me because she’d only see success in her fitness journey for a few weeks, and then she’d hit a plateau or something would happen that would totally derail her - and she’d end up gaining all the weight she lost back again.

Or Samantha, who couldn’t understand why she couldn’t seem to stick to her diet. Every night, she’d have these unavoidable cravings and, after reasoning with herself for what seemed like forever, it was always easier to give in. But then wake up the next day and feel so guilty!

They *thought* their food cravings had something to do with lack of consistency or willpower (and maybe you do too!).

… but what both ladies realized when we first started working together was that by "starting over every Monday" or following restrictive meal plans, eating less than 1200 calories a day a majority of the week...they were slowing their metabolism down, making it impossible for them to see progress and constantly having symptoms like hunger, cravings, fatigue, muscle soreness and anxiety.

P.S. Although age plays a factor in your metabolism... it's not an excuse.

I've worked with plenty of women over 50 & 60 who have lost 20-30 lbs. & were able to speed up their metabolism.

I want you to let yourself off the hook and don't feel guilty for not being able to stay consistent with your nutrition. If you’re currently blaming your lack of consistency or willpower for the results you’re NOT seeing… let's focus on the real issue... your metabolism.

If you’re ready to get off that yo-yo cycle, support your metabolism with easy, delicious recipes you'll love and start building that body you've been working so hard to achieve...

I’m opening my calendar up for the next couple days to chat with you about what you can do to help boost your metabolism. The only true limit you have between you are your goal your mind.

Let's do this together! xoxo Nikki

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