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Let's set some serious goals + develop a plan together,

I've never done this before.

I see you on social media day in and day out, but I feel like I don't really know you, and I want to!

I know you have been through a lot.

I know its hard sometimes to find people you can trust, who can relate to you, & where you feel comfortable enough to even open up & not feel like a burden.

Whether you know this or not, YOU have helped me keep going! On my bad days, YOU have helped me get the tiniest amount of of strength to get out of bed & go about my day, and stay SOBER.

My social media platform is more than just fitness... its mental health, eating disorders, self sabotage, and so much more !

I know it can be overwhelming to think about starting a new journey this year (whatever it is: job, relationships, goals, fitness, health).

I know it can be daunting to feel like you're starting all over again - especially if you haven’t succeeded in the past.

But, you want to know what’s even harder than starting over?

Staying miserable, and doing nothing about it. ⁠⠀


I'll be honest - when I first started my journey, it was really hard for me to commit to being consistent with anything! Drinking, self sabotaging, working out, tracking my food intake and making mindful, healthy choices for that first month. ⁠


But, it was even harder to wake up in the morning and not feel good enough; to never be able to feel confident in normal clothes, to never be able to have one drink, to not be able to keep a 'stable job', or to repeat the same eating cycle of not eating, binging, not eating.


So, yes - it's all HARD. ⁠⠀


But doing nothing about it is even harder. ⁠⠀⁠⠀Trust me.⁠⠀

Because YOU have helped me, I want to say thank you by offering this time to chat completely free, I want to get to know you & help you get started!

Let's have a talk!

Again, there is absolutely no pressure to sign up with me.

I know what it feels like to have no one who understands, or that all we do is start and stop.

I want to help you get organized & motivated to charge of you life.

To snag your spot, pick a time that works for you and register for my 'Introduction Call':

We will:

  • discuss what your daily routine looks like

  • discuss what is going on in your life that is making you struggle

  • set clear, defined & attainable goals

  • discuss how many calories you should be getting in & your workout activity

  • provide actionable strategies to support the planning, and break your goal into attainable smaller goals

  • and so, so much more!!'ll have a completely customized road map that, when implemented, will guarantee results.

(Spots are filling up fast! This is goal setting workshop for you 2022 is easily a $150 value absolutely FREE with ZERO obligation.)

Let's set some serious goals + develop a plan together.




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