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NOF 1.20.22 'What You Need to Know About Water'

Here’s a fact you dearly NEED to know… Many of the other big problems you hear about out behind some of today’s biggest health issues, pale in comparison to one of today’s biggest issues…

Not drinking enough water. You see, while the average person should drink about a gallon of water each day… A whopping 75% of Americans are not drinking an optimal amount of water daily! In fact, the average American drinks just 4 cups of water daily, a measly ¼ of what they SHOULD be drinking. And while drinking tea, coffee, juice, or soft technically can “count,” they are not as hydrating as water and can have other issues!

To understand why it is so important, you first need to know why not drinking enough water really is a silent-but-urgent health issue. You see, properly replenishing your body’s water supply is simply PRIORITY #1 to help you look and feel your best and stay healthy.

And even minor 1 – 2% losses in body water can lead to: ** Difficulty concentrating, focusing, and remembering things ** Feeling low on energy and drained (pun intended!) ** Slow or sluggish metabolism ** Hunger and cravings ** The appearance of tired and old-looking skin ** Dry mouth ** Occasional joint and/or muscle stiffness ** Difficulty recovering from your workouts Furthermore, drinking enough water is important to how you look in the mirror.

Data shows that, over the course of a year, drinking just 4 cups of water daily burns about 17,400 calories a year – the equivalent of 4 ½ pounds of FAT.

And make no mistake, even being off a little in your daily water intake is a BIG problem. In fact, research shows fluid losses of just 1 to 2% of bodyweight can lead to fatigue, headaches, irritability, and other big problems noted above. And here’s an even more important KICKER… You don’t even typically perceive “thirst” until 2 to 3% of your body’s proper water levels are lost. In other words, by the time you recognize you are thirsty, your physical and mental performance have already started going kaput! Okay then, how much water should you drink? Well, the myth that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily is just that – a myth. And although hydration needs vary from person to person based on a variety of factors, a more widely accepted recommendation is to drink one-half to one ounce of fluid per pound of body weight per day. Now, according to CDC data, the average American adult male weighs 197.8 pounds while the typical American adult female weighs 170.6 pounds. Along those lines, the average man would need to consume about 98.9 - 197.8 ounces of fluid, while the average woman would need to consume about 85.3 - 170.6 ounces of fluid.

The bottom line is proper hydration is a MAJOR factor for focus and concentration… metabolism, hunger management, and optimal weight… healthy, young-looking skin… lubricated joints… healthy muscles… recovery from workouts… and deep, refreshing sleep.

So let's try and be aware of exactly how much water we are consuming in a day!



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