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My Journey 

My fitness story isn't the normal, overweight to fit transformation... I've always been considered "skinny" but in reality I was malnourished, over worked, unhappy, depressed and pretending to be something I wasn't. Everyday was a constant struggle with my body image and food.  

Going a day without  eating, binging, purging, juice cleanses, fasting, I have tried it all to be the skinniest yet fittest woman possible.

The one thing that has been consistent over the past 15 years has been my love for the gym, my competitive side, and my passion for helping others....

In the previous years I competed in numerous Pageants, and NPC Figure competitions, trying to find validation through others, because I didn't think I was good enough.

It hasn’t been until the recent years that I really started to maintain a physic and lifestyle I am happy with.

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